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Jacki Becker, Trustee & Chair of the Homoeopathy Action Trust
I qualified as a homeopath in 1991 and have practiced for almost 20 years at Clapham Common Clinic although moved for a few years to Milton Keynes and since 1999 I have lived and worked in Totnes, Devon. Prior to studying I was a teacher of primary school children in Inner London for 15 years specialising in Equal Opportunities and Special Educational Needs. I have been teaching homeopathy in London and in Bristol at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy since 1992. I am also passionate about teaching my patients and the wider public about the real wonder of homeopathic philosophy and materia medica (information about remedies from provings).

I like to work in interdisciplinary environments especially working alongside the medical profession. I have been active in attending parliamentary meetings to this end (integrated healthcare), particularly since the attacks on homeopathy as a science began in earnest!
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Barbara Jones BVMS, MRCVS, VetMFHom
I graduated from Glasgow University Veterinary School in 1979. “I have always had an interest in natural healing methods and began to use homeopathy in 1987 after seeing its benefits in my own children. I studied at the Faculty of Homeopathy in London and attained membership in 1992. I provided a referral service for homeopathic treatment of animals from then and in 1994 opened Oakwood Veterinary Centre at my home, Babbinswood Farm to integrate the homeopathy into conventional veterinary medicine and surgery. At that time I also started to learn acupuncture to complement the other therapies. From 1995 until 1997 I studied with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Association, passing the written and practical examinations at the end of the course. In 1995 I became attuned to 1st Degree Reiki and from 2006 to 2008 studied Western Herbal Medicine. Currently I am studying Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Plant Spirit Medicine which I hope to introduce into the centre later this year. My mission is to improve the health and well being of my patients as much as I am able.
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Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg are naturopathic physicians, who have been specializing in classical homeopathy since 1986. A husband and wife team, their teaching styles vary, but their purpose is one: to inform, enrich, and inspire other homeopaths in their efforts, and to encourage them to fine-tune their perceptions so that they might better help their patients.

Dr. Herscu’s 1991 book, The Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types grew out of his work with children during the early years of his practice, and has been adopted by homeopaths the world over as the classic text for treating children. Just out in 1996, Stramonium: With an Introduction to Analysis using Cycles and Segments is the result of extensive work with emotionally troubled children. It lays the foundation for learning homeopathy through a unique and creative new approach. His most recent book: Provings, with a Proving of Alcoholus is a comprehensive guide to the philosphy and methodology of conducting a proving. It also contains a full proving, materia medica and repertory of the remedy Alcoholus.

Dr. Rothenberg is known for her lively lectures to both lay and professional groups on various aspects of homeopathy and also the treatment of different acute and chronic conditions. She was the long time editor of the New England Journal of Homeopathy. The couple practices in Enfield, Connecticut.
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Dr Kaviraj (the plant Doctor )who gives advice on how to treat plants from all over the world in his articles in “Homoeopathy 4 everyone” He is Vice President, World Homoeopathic Association UK Chapter.
He has wrote a number books “Homoeopathy for farm & Garden” which is available in seven languages , a number of textbooks which cover the subjects of iatrogenesis , homoeopathic theory &philosophy, Materia Medica, a simplified version of an original textbook by Hahnemann and a number of homoeopathic detective stories titled “ The Boon Files”

This year he will talk on Agri- homoeopathy. The best way to eliminate all pesticides from the garden and farm, and have the best possible protection at minimal cost and effort.
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Dr Ramakrishnan is an Indian Homoeopath from a family of Homeopaths. In the last four decades he as spent time teaching and training physicians all over the World . In India he has held many advisory posts and he is the Honorary Homoeopathic Physician to the President of India. He has spent many years specialising in treating cancer patients and has a very successful book published “A Homoeopathic Approach To Cancer” Part of his training was by Dr Margery Blackie at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital (she was trained by Kent who was trained by Hahnemann)

He is held in high esteem as a teacher and a Homoeopath all over the World. Dr Ramakrishnan has not lectured in this Country for a number years do not let this opportunity pass you by.
Visit his Web site:- drramakrishnan.com
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For nearly thirty years Janet Snowdon has been practising Homeopathy in Bath, treating a wide variety of ailments in both adults and children. During that time I have continued to develop my understanding of Homeopathy, health and disease, studying and working with the leading figures of the day. Being with my patients to find the remedy to help them never ceases to be exciting and creative for me. For the last twenty years I have taught Homeopathy in colleges and in seminars in the UK, Europe. USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
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Caroline Gaskin is a lecturer at the College of Practical Homoeopathy. In her talk she asks “What would Hahnemann do today?” She will explore the use of combination remedies which can aid your patients who present with the effects of drugging, and exposure to radiation, heavy metals and other chemicals. Caroline will suggest that far from being not “really homoeopathy” combination remedies can enable tissues to gently restore to health and reveal the constitution.

The focus will be on Narayani Remedies with insights into the Guna, New Vistas, Powell, Dr Reckeweg ranges and other useful combinations.
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